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Placebo @ City Sound Milano

Итальянцы радуют количеством фотографий, а вот качеством не очень :( Ну и ладно, самое главное что концерт прошел хорошо, при полном аншлаге, Брайан говорил по-итальянски: "Buona sera Milano,va bene?", "Grazie, grazie a tutti, grazie mille" :D

Чудесный отрывок из ревью:
He said grazie many times and he smiled, he walked a lot towards the front [...] A funny moment was when he moved on his far left during Every You Every me… coming back he managed to wrap the guitar cable around the mic shaft, stumbling, and Brandon had to run to help him.
A lot of energy from the band, a lot of guitar punching and jumping from Brian.
My husband – the last Placebo gig he attended was in 2012 – said “hey, Brian is full of life tonight!”

22.07.2014 - City Sound Festival, Ippodromo del Galoppo, Milan, Italy

Tags: photos: hq, photos: live, photos: steve forrest
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