September 6th, 2013

Placebo - Purify

Directors and Producers: A.J. Gómez and Victoria Velarde
Prod: GroovyChaos
Cinematographer: Juansa Avalos
Assistant Director: Roberto Niebla
Camara Assistants: Ivan García and Hugo Arriagatapia
Art Directors and Production disaigners: Er Moran and Jose Luis Moran
Gaffer: Chuy Guillen
Best boy: Agustín Escalera
Costume Designers: Elena Tllo and Lizzie Lomeli
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Daniel Peralta, Francisco Bautista and Raul Saldivar
Assistant to the directors and P.A.: Camila Barragan
Production Assistant: Efren Fernandez
Location Manager: Viin Angellini
Dirty Comic Book Artist: Monica Fernandez
Band trainers: Viin Angelini and Andres Montalvo