August 10th, 2009


Очень неприятные новости пришли с форума

yesterday the band played tokyo for summersonic festival, i was there and everythings quite all right and amazing. today theyre planned to play Osaka for the same festival (like reading - leeds). i couldnt go (i'm living in tokyo) but according to people there, after played only one song Brian fell on stage, and eventually their performance was cancelled. the cause people told was that Brian had 'headache'. it's like he'd lost his conscious.

Я пребываю в шоковом состоянии((( Надеюсь что с Брайаном все в порядке и в понедельник мы увидим на офсайте какие-то новости... Давайте вместе пожелаем ему здоровья.


Summer Sonic Osaca:Brian Molko collapsed on stage, causing show stopped; Today he's okay and is leaving for UK

Placebo was supposed to give a show at 15:05 pm in Osaka Japan. After playing the intro-song 'Kitty Litter', frontman Brian Molko suddenly collapsed on stage, causing the show stopped. Stefan was apparently concerned and was a bit nervous about what happened. Brian was taken off stage by the staff.

Then due to 'Brian's strong headache', the show could not be restarted. Steve was on stage to apologize and comfort the fans.

Information from Solitary Records

Placebo gig in Summer Sonic Osaka was cancelled due to Brian's health condition. The official site will keep the fans up with information and updating announcement from the band as soon as possible. Touring for several months, especially the tight schedule is responsible for his feeling sick. Thanks to the fast medical aid, Brian is all right when he's leaving for UK.

The band feels sorry for what happened in Osaka, 'Once Brian's health condition back to normal, we are sure to be here again.' Said Stefan and Steve.
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