August 6th, 2009

Interview Radio Italy, 2009 (+текст и перевод на русский)

PLACEBO, an Italian day

Brian Molko & co guests at Radio Deejay & All Music, answer to hottest questions by fans.

Why one should buy the new album?
Brian: Well you don't have to I suppose
Steve: We'd like you to
Brian: know...
Brian: But if you'd like we continue to make music... you know... or we got to have another job, you know, that's a good reason.

Battle for The Sun is your best album?
Brian: Oh that's to you really, but it's good to think we're going better with time.

What jobs did you do before becoming full time musicians?
Brian: Zero
Steve: About 40. *lists a few out*

Which stories did you listen to before going to bed when you were children?
Brian: I didn't really, I think I've never listened to a story in my life, I wasn't used to it Steve: My dad told me scary stories...
Brian (to Steve): That's clever ... something like: "don't worry about the monsters in the wardrobe, they don't exist"

Did you ever receive an indecent proposal?
Brian: Yes, several

Have you ever made love before a concert?
Brian: Yes

And during it?
Brian: Of course!

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