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Popkult - Интервью с Брайаном

Утром andoyamaxx запостила интересное ивью с Брайаном, но на финском сайте посылают подальше всех кто не из Финляндии и не дают смотреть видео. Видео появилось на ютубе, к сожалению не полное :( Поэтому прилагаю тэепскрипт, сделанный той же andoyamaxx.

Upd. Добавлена полная версия ивью! + десерт под катом ;-)

brian: the longest running addiction that i have is probably to nicotine. i've been smoking since i was a teenager. and in the '90s i became addicted to cocaine and alcohol and various, various other substances as well. thankfully, i'm - i'm in the recovery at the moment, so uh .. and um, i hope i'm on the other side of .. of this particularly very, very dark thing that can happen to you. you know, which is, which is full-blown addiction.

mika [ the interviewer, rummages a plastic bag ]: you can say .. if it's addictive in your life or not, this is [ showes brian a pack of coffee ], i don't know if you know, but finnish coffee !

brian: oh yeah, yeah, y'know .. it is a drug, i mean basically .. i mean, coffee - one thing that i know - when you stop taking drugs and you stop drinking you go straight into coffee. it's crazy, you get .. you just cross-addict ( not exactly sure what he said ) to coffee. y'know, big stuff. i drink too much coffee, y'know ..

mika [ this time showing brian a chocolate bar ]: this is finnish chocolate..

brian: chocolate ! okay, has two different substances in it. it has coffeine in it, again, um, and it has sugar. chocolate and chili have, eh, tendency to release the same chemicals, the same as endorphin in brain, that sex does sooo, umm, lonely people can get addicted to chocolate quite a bit. i have to have chocolate removed from my hotel room, otherwise i'll just after a gig go and sit there on my own and eat it all, y'know. and uh, get fat.

mika: are you addicted to sex ?

brian: no, no, no. no, no. no, i'm not, no. uh, but uh, i uh, yeah i uh know someone very friend of mine in this building [ laughs ] that i work with .. just next door, is addicted to sex. but he's also in denial.

mika: if you had to choose one, y'know, most addictive product out of all of these .. [ now he has a bottle of booze in his hands ]

brian: all of these, i'd choose coffee 'cause it's the safest for me. y'know, everything else can be very bad for me, y'know.

И на десерт новая фоточка саншайна <3

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